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Attorney Yvette E Taylor

Are You Ready for Retirement?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2011 | Firm News |

I remember when I was a child how time seemed to drag on.  Summer was forever and of course the school year was forever as well.  Now, Summer breezes by; Fall leaves quickly, Winter thaws swiftly; and Spring flowers rapidly.  I suggest that if we were to slow down and stop doing, we could just be with the seasons.

As we age, we should enjoy each season.  Planning for our retirement is a part of enjoying the seasons of our life.  Have you saved enough money?  Is your money invested safely?  Have you been able to eliminate all debt or at least most so you can live on less?  If you have not been able to answer yes to these questions, then now is the time to focus on what matters most, your retirement years.

We help you plan for the future by reflecting on your past accomplishments, celebrating your present moments and enjoying the prospects for your future.  Contact us at