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Without a Will – There Will be Unintended Consequences

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2011 | Firm News |

I just recevied a call from a prospective client.  She had an issue that, unfortunately, happens to many people.  However, it can be avoided with proper planning.

The caller’s mother died without a Will and her primary property was her home.  Her husband predeceased her but her 2 children survived her.  The caller has lived in the home with her mother while her sister has never been involved with the mother or expressed any interest in the home.  Now, the mother has passed and guess who gets the home.  YOU GUESSED it, the caller and HER SISTER equally.

Even though the caller obtained Letters of Administration to handle her mother’s estate, it does not give her 100% interest in the estate.  She did get appointed because her sister expressed no interest in handling the administration and signed forms to that effect for the Register of Wills, this did not serve as a disclaimer of her inheritance.  That is a separate “estate administration” process.

So, encourage your loved ones to get a Will done so that unintended consequences do not happen to them.  Contact us for expert estate planning!