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Are You Responsible for Your Parent’s Debts?

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2012 | Firm News |

This question is often asked in the nursing home context.  What obligation do children have to their parents when they are in need of continued care but can no longer afford it?

Well, Pennsylvania does have a Filial Support Law where a child may be held  liable for the debts of their parents.   How often it is used is unclear but it is on the law books and available to nursing homes trying to collect unpaid bills.

You  want to encourage your parents, or help them, to apply for medicaid if you anticipate they may not have the funds to continue to pay for their nursing home costs.  Many nursing homes will provide this support but are not all do so and further they may or may not adequately handle it.

Therefore, you want to be proactive and seek the necessary professional guidance so that you are protecting your parents as well as your financial security.  Contact us to discuss all your elder law and estate planning needs at