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I Am Back To My Blogging

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2012 | Firm News |

I am back to my blogging.  I started answering questions posted on AVVO.  As a result, I did not blog as much.  However, I think the information shared blogging helps people i n their quest to understand the world of estate planning.  AND so, I am back and will be posting more and more informative blog posts for you and your family.

Today, I mentioned the importance of a Special Needs Trust to supplement funding to those with disabilities on governmental assistance.  Specifically, I am looking at the type of Special Needs Trust referred to as third party funded trust.  These are trusts that do not hold monies of the disabled person but money of one who wants to care for the disabled person, a parent, grandparent or other relative.  If you provided these funds directly to the disabled person, then their benefits could be affected.  You do not want to have that happen.  So look into creating a Special Needs Trust at your earliest convenience.

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