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When sending your Child to College a Power of Attorney is a Must Have!

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2012 | Firm News |

If you have a young adult (18 or older) or you are a young adult, it is important to have powers of attorney in place. Parents are often surprised that they do not automatically have access to their child’s healthcare information or other college records.If your child is in an accident, you do not want to go through red tape to address their health needs.But, that is what will happen if the right documents are not in place.

As a young adult, you want to have someone you trust and who cares about you available to handle your health issues and other affairs if you are in a car accident, have a serious sports injury or experience some other traumatic event.Your medical information can only be shared with the person you designate.Prepare for the unexpected to assure the road to recovery does not take a detour.Here are some answers to your important questions.

When does an agent sign the power of attorney? The agent does not have to sign at the time that you sign your power of attorney. The agent’s signature does not have to be notarized only your signature. Your agent signs when you are in need of their help.

How do you revoke an agent’s authority? You should maintain your original powers of attorney. If you no longer want a person to serve as your agent, then the powers of attorney should be destroyed and new ones entered into. If your agent has an original power of attorney, then you must get it back and destroy it. Otherwise, you have to inform those individuals who may rely on the power of attorney that you have revoked your agent’s authority. ALWAYS appoint someone whom you trust.

Springing Power of Attorney.There is another type of power of attorney referred to as a springing power of attorney. It can only be used if a doctor has certified your incapacity and such certification must be attached to the power of attorney for it to be effective. The springing power of attorney is revoked once you regain capacity.

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