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We have just celebrated the MLK Holiday with a day of service for many across the nation.Carolyn Newsom, an attorney and intern at my office, recalls her father saying “we have a responsibility in life to put more jelly beans back in the jar than we take out. ”She expressed that “ it was his folksy way of saying that we have a duty to serve others and to help make the world a better place in which to live.”

As evident in the rise of volunteerism, many others would agree with this “folksy” expression.In honoring Martin Luther King, Jr., many organizations sponsored not only parades, speeches, panel discussions but also projects to clear vacant lots, help rehab a housing unit or plant a garden for a homeless shelter. We have witnessed volunteers who helped victims of Sandy and other devastations.

In addition to volunteer efforts, many people give their financial support.With proper planning this support can also have a lasting impact.Make charitable contributions a part of your estate plan which can establish the basis for continuation of your dream.