We all have a legacy.  However, most people do not have an effective estate plan to protect, preserve and pass on their legacy to those they love.  You need the experience, dedication and commitment provided by the firm.

Attorney Yvette E Taylor
Attorney Yvette E Taylor
You Spend Your Life Working Hard.

Make Sure What You Build Lasts.

Too many people pass away without an estate plan.  Without a Will or Trust, you may have no plan for your loved ones to follow.  Your hard-earned money, property and other assets are subject to the plan established by the Pennsylvania’s Intestate laws.  Today is the right day to plan and help avoid family chaos and unnecessary taxes.
In private practice for over 16 years, Yvette E. Taylor has helped Pennsylvanians create comprehensive estate plans in a safe, welcoming environment. She has the experience you need and wisdom you can depend upon. Estate planning is her passion, and she is happy to work with you. Learn more from Yvette by listening to her podcast, What’s Your legacy?

Estate Planning

Whether your estate is simple or complex, Yvette E. Taylor understands the benefits of a Will, intricacies of a Trust and the need for Powers of Attorney.  She understands how to determine what is important to you.Read More

Estate Administration (Probate)

When your loved one passes, you need an experienced Probate attorney who cares.  Whether you are the Executor/Personal Representative or beneficiary, our office is available to effectively help guide you through the Probate process.Read More
Estate Planning And Estate Administration (Probate) Throughout Pennsylvania

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What Our Clients Say

“My husband and I had Yvette do our Estate Planning documents a few years ago. I must say it was something we were dreading, but we were surprised how stress-free Yvette made the whole process. We have made a few revisions since our initial meeting and there is never a problem getting in contact with her. When I leave a message she always calls me back within a few hours!”


“Yvette has an extensive background in corporate law where her knowledge was manifest in the business contracts she developed for my company. I was so impressed with the professional level of service from Yvette and her staff that I decided to return. Now I have a will along with my estate planning that was developed again with professionalism and attention to detail. I recommend this firm and I plan to continue my business with them in the future.”

-Business Owner

“Yvette took the fear out of the process of Estate Planning for us. We have three children, and a large family, and Yvette helped us stay focused on who and what would be best for our children. She has also been sensitive to family difficulties with the loss of my father. Her sensitive and non-judgmental personality makes this process very clear and as efficient as possible.”

-Jennifer M

“Yvette Taylor-Hachoose will walk you through the nuts and bolts of estate planning and help you get your house in order. It’s a great burden off your shoulders to know that whatever happens, you have recorded your wishes and intentions for your worldly goods, and for yourself should you not be in a position to speak for yourself. Yvette will patiently and clearly answer all your questions and take all the time with you that you need. She has the expertise to advise you the best plan for your estate, regardless of its size.”